Monday, September 9, 2019

A change in the air

We’re under a magical spell.  In a heartbeat; in a twinkling of an eye, we have changed from summer to fall.  Cooler than average temperatures have moved in mellowing things down quite a bit.  Thus, from what it’s been a sizzling hot summer till just a week ago, it is now a taste of pre-fall in the air, with some chilly mornings and evenings and temperatures in the 50s.  

And rain too.  A downpour that lasted a day and half this weekend has kept the garden saturated and lush.  Plants and flowerpots have been gulping up their nutrients directly from the open heavens, and all around is like a little green jungle with lush emerald grasses and a last outpouring of roses.  

I love to mow the lawn and then sit here and just look around and drink in every sound, scent and glory surrounding me. Soon, it will be the changing of colors and the mending of the garden and every leaf and every frond will morph and desiccate and wait for the northern frigid air to whip them around and bring them all here, to this very spot where I’m sitting right now. Mountains and mountains of dry leaves will remain here all winter waiting for me to sweep and dispose of them comes next spring.

It is always like that.  It has always been like that.  The really sad part about all this is, it has already started to get dark by 8:00 pm and even now at 5:38 pm as I write this, the sun has begun to lose its luster and birds have quieted down.  By 9:00 pm is total darkness.


  1. I so love this time of day, this time of year... but it's melancholy. Your roses are so preciously sweet.

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