Saturday, March 7, 2020

The orange room

For a long, long time, I’ve been wanting to make a boho garland… you know the ones—you tie strips of fabric on a string and tie and tie and tie and there you go…

But I haven’t had the time to make one… then, some time ago, to our local mall came a new boho store and I went crazy the other day looking at all the pretty things they got there.  When I discovered the super long super pretty boho strings made out of beautiful pieces of fabric on a string of beads, I almost screamed out of joy.  Ahhh, and the boho clothing they have!  And scarves and beautiful rocks and beautiful boho jewelry… the store is called “Earth Bound”, and I left carrying with me an extra-long extra beautiful garland to put above our extra-large low bed in our gypsy room… I added some fake greenery on top of it and I’m loving it all!

That same day, I also went to Ross and bought two of these lamps… they look so bohemian and chic at the same time. I love that the top part is see-through and the light that shines through is so pure and bright. The base part is sturdy marble.

Since I was in one of my decorating moods, I also rearranged the art on walls, added more plants to the room and then on Sunday I found these lovely velvet pillows at Target and almost die again… they had been reduced and they are huge and soft and they’re my favorite color too!  They’re so, so pretty!

They look so perfect and pretty in our gypsy room…

Another week went by, and this weekend I kept adding more pretty things to my pretty gypsy room.  This is an excuse, I know, but you know how it goes, you spend your days in an office on your 10-hour job the entire week, then comes the weekend and what can you do on cold gloomy rainy foggy nasty winter days when you can’t work on your garden or can’t go to the park and so on?  Well, you go shopping of course.

This Friday, I visited a craft store… one of my favorite places ever to shop! It’s called the Craft Warehouse, and they have so so many pretty things… way better than Hobby Lobby I can tell you that!  Oh I wanted to take the entire store with me.  It felt so springy and outdoorsy there with all the litter birds and frogs, fountains, flowers and lights… all sorts of magical lights!  My love for gardens and gardening came alive and it rekindled in a second as I strolled halls after halls of beautiful things.

I came home with a beautiful string of tiny lights, branches with little fairy lights in it and green branches and fake greenery you name it...

I changed the throw to a black and white one

OK, that's it for now! Ummm, I'm wondering what I'll do next.  One thing I can tell you is that birds are everywhere these days, and two Sundays ago was the day when the Robins returned home. It always happens every year around this time—the entire neighborhood gets inundated by them, and in your yard, they are everywhere hopping around or flying from tree to tree by the dozens. I have also started working on the garden… slow, very slow and not for long.  But I’m already getting excited by the prospect of spring and flowers and lovely warmth.

Are you seeing any signs of spring where you live? Enjoy each moment my friend!


  1. The stores you found sound lovely. Love your garland and lamps

  2. Thank you for sharing such beautiful work of art dear Cielo and I am in love with your bohemian string made of bohemian fabric. The lamps add such beauty and changes the whole mood of the whole look of the table. These additions truly change the complete look of the room adding so much beauty.

  3. That sweet gypsy room has so much soul! I love that garland. I think I might try to make one. I have some beads that are fake and not good for wearing or most crafts...... but with the addition of some fabric... they might be perfect! Take care of you and yours!