Saturday, April 4, 2020


I Feel the Earth Move—remember that old song? Well, I did my friends… I felt the earth trembling shortly before 6 p.m., last Tuesday, and it was the most bizarre and terrifying feeling ever…

I was sitting on my bed texting and laughing with my kids over the phone—the whole crowd of them, including daughters in law, my sister and my friend Christ, when all of a sudden everything started shaking… the bed, the walls, the widows on my right side of the bed; everything was moving... or shaking or rumbling... 

I looked outside and wondered it perhaps it was the wind; the wind that had been blowing all day since early that morning, because it had been somewhat stormy and still at that hour of the day the sky was heavy with rain and the atmosphere was gloomy and it felt dark all over, but no, it wasn’t the wind shaking windows and moving my bed.  

It couldn't be a tornado or a hurricane. Could it?  This is not hurricane country, I thought...  but what was it then.. an earthquake?  It could't be.  Then that’s when I hear the Fisherman coming down the stairs in a hurry... ‘we’re having an earthquake’, he announced and that’s when I entered in panic mode.

And indeed, it was an earthquake!  And not a little one — a 6.5 magnitude. It was centered below the Sawtooth Mountains about 80 miles northeast of where we live, but it rattled the state capital for a fraction of a minute, which to me it felt more like half an hour or so...

Freighting things are happening.  The spirit of God is being withdrawn to awaken humanity.  All these things that are going around our world are making me very nervous and shaky and my mood is very fragile these days, in the sense that I cry easily, and explode easily or don’t seem to have much patience with those around me...

The fact that it’s still so very cold around here and this insufferable wind keeps beating things up and beating my soul without stopping, it’s taking a toll on me... on my quarantine soul.  Can I at least go out into my own garden where perhaps I can be spared from getting this monster of a virus that’s affecting so many, and work the soil with a decent sun shining down on my back and no wind to hurt my ears and throat... my poor bones can't take this for much longer. 

I’m tired of being sequestered in the house, tired of fear, of not being able to go out to shop for food and if I do then learning that someone in that particular store was contagious and now they are closing, tired of not being able to even go outside to my garden... and blah blah blah... ok, I’m tired.

Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Life in quarantine

Nature had been having some odd tantrums of lately—rain for days, on days that never used to get rain, or being rained before like what we'd been seeing... winds; winds that are blowing furniture and things around for miles away with sometimes hail and strange sounds outside. 

This old world is talking to us... it's been telling us something, like some broad-castings that the universe wants us to hear...

Thus, not much have I been accomplishing in the garden these days, doing things only whenever the weather allows it, working between sunshine ad sunshine, between little instances of warmth and so on…  but the garden is already looking so pretty, and the grass is so green. 

Every rose bush is putting precious new leaves that are wine in color at the beginning until they turn green and strong and later form a bud, or many buds.

So, I’ve been quarantining myself for days; mainly cleaning inside, washing clothes and decorating the house using things I already have… I just get bored seeing the same thing for days and days.  Does it ever happen to you?   

I'm getting tired of the color orange and all the many arts on walls, and as the days go by I'm more and more inclined to soothing neutrals, so this room will be changing real soon...

And cooking… I’ve been cooking our three meals every day too; putting up more weight to the extra winter pounds I have been carrying with me since we moved here—which I can never seem to lose after winter is gone and also trying to add a lot of veggies and fruits to our diets too, to perk our immune systems.  Why did I accepted moving back here anyways?  Love.  It had to be a love thing. Or a thing of love.

Yesterday morning we went by the office and I brought home all my plant babies.  Had they missed me?  Cause I know I have missed them terribly, thus I brought then home with me so I could take care of them and enjoy them here… 

We don’t know exactly when we’re going back or when our office will be opening its doors again, and the Fisherman and the rest of the supervisors, vice presidents and such are meeting twice every day by phone working on things and planning for the future of our company, employees benefits and such.  We’re living on such tremendous times for sure.   Be safe my friends, take courage and if you have to hide, hide under His wings. 

“To be a righteous woman during the winding up scenes on this earth, before the second coming of our Savior, is an especially noble calling... She has been placed here to help to enrich, to protect, and to guard the home--which is society's basic and most noble institution.”
― Spencer W. Kimball

Friday, March 27, 2020

Frightening times...

Dear little house of my soul called “Blog”. I haven’t abandoned you, really. Forgotten you? Never. You know that!

I have been busy… busy busy—at times frightened, grumpy, teary and sometimes… sometimes I just sit around and think and pray… pray for the world, for those who are suffering and for the protection of those I love. But mainly, I work…

Did you know dear little house of my soul called “Blog” that I’ve been back to a regular office work? Yes, I have. For a while now. My entire days consist of being in a cubicle in front of a computer. Of course, with the amazing luck of now being situated just right across the floor-to-ceiling windows, outlooking the landscape outside where mourning doves sit on tree branches and robins make their nests and serenade my days…

Walls are high enough to shown me away from the view outside while I’m sitting down, but I can still see the sky above and if I stand or go around my cubicle, all those amazing windows are there… always letting all that light in, nourishing my soul and caring for my plants. And the most amazing thing of all this is: Gloria can’t shut these shutters on me anymore. No sir!

You see, this is my new space now. But it wasn’t so when I first started. Our office space was rearranged at the beginning of this year and some of us got to be moved around. I ended up sitting here now, right at a corner angle facing the northern windows with no other cubicles alongside. What luck!

My previous office space was situated on the other side of our office, outlooking only the parking lot and I was neighboring with Gloria. Every morning when beautiful sunlight was pouring in filling each space with joy and blessings, Gloria would stand up and shut the shutters with a heavy hand, leaving my little space in shadows. What disappointment that used to be. But that is in the past now. 

Dear little house of my soul called Blog, didn’t I told you it wasn’t going to be easy working with people again? It isn’t, and it never will be, but here I am… how lucky can I be! To have this amazing spot now, away from Gloria and from everyone else… it is like having my own little garden where I can just be. 

Although I may be still surrounded by others and people’s cubicles are still all around me, mine sits in this precious corner along those open large windows that nobody cares to shut on me… 

I tried to make my little office/cubicle as cozy and as close to my personality as much as I can. So, I have filled the space with plants, books and little lights, just like I do at home. Supervisors and people love it, and even come around from time to time just to see and feel the coziness of my little home outside home. 

This past Wednesday we were finally sent home. After our State Governor issued a mandatory closedown, we sent out messages and shut down phones and computers. Before 5:30 pm everyone was out of the building. These are scary times we’re living. At such times the universe gets a little closer to us. These are strange times, times of beginnings and endings. Dangerous and powerful. The outcome depends in Whom we have believed!

Stay safe, wherever you are!  And God bless!

Saturday, March 7, 2020

The orange room

For a long, long time, I’ve been wanting to make a boho garland… you know the ones—you tie strips of fabric on a string and tie and tie and tie and there you go…

But I haven’t had the time to make one… then, some time ago, to our local mall came a new boho store and I went crazy the other day looking at all the pretty things they got there.  When I discovered the super long super pretty boho strings made out of beautiful pieces of fabric on a string of beads, I almost screamed out of joy.  Ahhh, and the boho clothing they have!  And scarves and beautiful rocks and beautiful boho jewelry… the store is called “Earth Bound”, and I left carrying with me an extra-long extra beautiful garland to put above our extra-large low bed in our gypsy room… I added some fake greenery on top of it and I’m loving it all!

That same day, I also went to Ross and bought two of these lamps… they look so bohemian and chic at the same time. I love that the top part is see-through and the light that shines through is so pure and bright. The base part is sturdy marble.

Since I was in one of my decorating moods, I also rearranged the art on walls, added more plants to the room and then on Sunday I found these lovely velvet pillows at Target and almost die again… they had been reduced and they are huge and soft and they’re my favorite color too!  They’re so, so pretty!

They look so perfect and pretty in our gypsy room…

Another week went by, and this weekend I kept adding more pretty things to my pretty gypsy room.  This is an excuse, I know, but you know how it goes, you spend your days in an office on your 10-hour job the entire week, then comes the weekend and what can you do on cold gloomy rainy foggy nasty winter days when you can’t work on your garden or can’t go to the park and so on?  Well, you go shopping of course.

This Friday, I visited a craft store… one of my favorite places ever to shop! It’s called the Craft Warehouse, and they have so so many pretty things… way better than Hobby Lobby I can tell you that!  Oh I wanted to take the entire store with me.  It felt so springy and outdoorsy there with all the litter birds and frogs, fountains, flowers and lights… all sorts of magical lights!  My love for gardens and gardening came alive and it rekindled in a second as I strolled halls after halls of beautiful things.

I came home with a beautiful string of tiny lights, branches with little fairy lights in it and green branches and fake greenery you name it...

I changed the throw to a black and white one

OK, that's it for now! Ummm, I'm wondering what I'll do next.  One thing I can tell you is that birds are everywhere these days, and two Sundays ago was the day when the Robins returned home. It always happens every year around this time—the entire neighborhood gets inundated by them, and in your yard, they are everywhere hopping around or flying from tree to tree by the dozens. I have also started working on the garden… slow, very slow and not for long.  But I’m already getting excited by the prospect of spring and flowers and lovely warmth.

Are you seeing any signs of spring where you live? Enjoy each moment my friend!