Saturday, March 10, 2018


The geranium I brought with me from our sunny gardens at the little white cottage is doing splendidly. It is full, and happy, it has produced big, dark green leaves, and its red flowers are a jewel in my winter days.

On Thursday I dug out some of the Phlox outside the kitchen window and transplanted them on that path along the entrance of the garden.  I did some more cleaning on that other side of the garden as well, and started opening all those boxes containing all of my little garden friends and such, and which have been parked on the back porch since the day the movers arrived, back in November of this past year.  

Finally, the days are warm enough and sunshiny enough for me to be able to do that.  I was surprised to find such an array of things contained in those boxes… all of my little garden friends, statues and embellishment enough to adorn two more gardens.  What would I do with so much?  I might have to get rid of some, because, oh I know… the Fisherman!  He won’t like it! 

I remember how displeased he used to be back when we lived here about my little friends scattered around my garden.  You see, they were fine hiding amidst hostas and hydrangeas and bushes of all sorts that kept their charm even during our mild southern winters, back at the little white cottage, but because this garden is so bare during the winter months, all of my little friends are very obvious, and I have to agree—they are not an elegant sight. 

Some of you had suggested on a few posts back, I use chicken scraps to feed my birds and doves.   And so, I went to Zamzows and got a huge bag.  I was told this is also good for attracting quails.  But thus far, I haven’t seen a single bird.  Where are they?

The other day, I tried to find a better, or a more obvious place to place Jennelle, because where I had her I don’t get to see her that much, but thus far I haven’t decided yet where she should live.  

Then, the most strange of things happened.  I took her back to that room where I originally had her, and this morning when I entered that room she was on the floor and everything I had on top of that little orange dresser where she sat, knocked down and scattered around.

I was very surprised and a bit upset too, and decided to place her on that wall going up the stairs, where I have other paintings as well.  But I don't know if I want to keep her any more.  Should I keep her?  Should I not?   

I only wish I could grab some paint and brushes and cover all those not so pretty spots on her neck and dripping paint.  But I’m sure I will ruin the painting if I do so.  Wish some of you artistic souls out there could come by and help! ;)  

On Monday, the Home Depot guys will be here to change the carpet in our family room.  I have chosen a tufted pattern in golden that I think is going to look awesome with all the metallic accents I have there.  I can hardly wait! 

See you soon my friends!  It is a beautiful sunny day here.  Enjoy your day, wherever you are!



  1. Some birds like to perch on a feeder so it needs to be big enough for them to do so. All the birds here like to sit up high. Maybe because we have cats. Quail won't come into our yard. I don't know why. They are all around us though. Probably because of the cats.
    I am sorry about everything being on the floor. I hope nothing was broken. The lady painting may have some spirit to her? (-:

    1. Hi Cindee... that thought of the 'lady spirit' is very scary and I was baffled and scared when I found it. In this house lives Christ, the light of the world and of my heart. Nothing evil can dwelt here, and yet I can't understand what had happened.


    2. I am surrounded by spirits here. They don't scare me. None have ever been evil. Sometimes I am surprised that's all. I believe they are here to help me or help me help someone else. (-:

  2. Chicken scraps? You mean pieces of chicken meat? Birds don't eat that--they aren't Carnivores. Meat scraps will only bring in Opossums, and other varmints. Sunflower seeds, bird seed--throw some on the ground for the Doves and Quail. Peanuts to bring in squirrels, if you like watching them. Water is also critical to bring in birds.

  3. "...and this morning when I entered that room she was on the floor and everything I had on top of that little orange dresser where she sat, knocked down and scattered around."

    You do not have any pets. What possibly could have done this? The painting and the other objects, swept to the floor?

    I get a very unpleasant feeling from this. Very unpleasant. I could not keep this painting in my home.

    Personally, I have never liked it, but did not say this, because we each have our own taste in decoration. It is very sad looking. It gives me an unpleasant, scary side of New Orleans, kind of a feeling.

    Have not read any other comments here. I prefer to write my own, and not be influenced by the views of others. Now.... To see if anyone else.... Gets bad vibes from it....

    Be safe hugs......

  4. Hi. I believe the lady in the painting is wearing a top that is shear, connecting to the neckline/necklace, and the “drips” are just folds in the shear fabric.

    I enjoy your blog and look forward to your garden blossoming. 🌼

  5. Hi Cielo, I can understand you , the painting is very charismatic and powerful, but there is some darkness around... Maybe you can find somebody whoy can clear that energy? By the way - I love your site! Greetings from Potsdam/Germany