Wednesday, October 2, 2019


Ten days away from home—Canada, Niagara Falls, NY, Old Westbury.  People, people, and crowded spaces everywhere everyday.  And my empath soul absorbing all that energy around me; and at time, becoming drained.  

Thank you, Heavenly Father, for life.  Thank you for breath.  Thank you for earth.  I will remain here until I can fly to another planet.  I will always be tender.  Thank you for my highly sensitive self.  Help me accept me the way I am, help me remember that although I may be misunderstood by others and even criticized for being a sensitive human being, it is OK to be sensitive, for that’s what happens when you have magic in your heart.  Because, yes, I feel all the things and I use every part of my heart.
And what a transformation had taken place here in my garden and in my little world, as I came back to it—with my heart in my hands and my knees on its grounds; as a thanksgiving and a total surrendering of the soul.
More dahlias in bloom, more late roses mellowing the winds, the vines have turned flushed with the colors of fall and everything seems to be carrying upon themselves cloaks and shrouds most fitting of the new season.
What privilege, what marvelous things is to come back to the solitude of this sacred place of mine and be able to freed my overloaded self of unnecessary social mundanities.  
I have to pick all those ripe grapes waiting for me in sleepy vines, and I have to fill birdfeeders and change the water in birdbaths, and the morning sun coming from the window on my right side this morning is filling the room with magic and golden light and I can see, through the window, the golden specks of magic fluttering around the atmosphere; filling my heart with a special joy and the faith that sustains my soul.

I am happy.  I am a little girl dancing with my Father in a great ballroom where people dance to a different tune.  I see them laughing empty laughs and I see them missing the whole point in life…  this is the curse, and the blessing of the empath—feeling the distance, the doubt and life to a different degree.  We sense the shift before it can even be verbalized… 

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  1. Your garden and spirit are lovely. Have a beautiful and magical weekend.