Sunday, February 9, 2020

Cozy winter nights

The snow-moistened February garden seems to be whispering, “remember me”? And, “do I know you?” 

Indeed, winter has kept me away from the garden; trapped on its icy grip for far too long.  But winter still stretches wide and unkind over my little world, and things have changed in my life. I can barely hear the garden’s voice calling my name any longer, and the desire to work outside has diminished.  My enthusiasm had lost its fire too.  
When spring comes around and the tips of branches and shrubs will fatten up again with new life, I’m sure my heart will again hear the voices of Nature that winter have silenced inside me.  And perhaps… perhaps I will still find the time after my regular job to work the soil and do all the work that the garden is already begging of me?  
In the meantime, I keep busy inside.   I love the upstairs in the winter time.  It is a cozy, warmer little nest where both of us, the Fisherman and I find our own special little delights for a few hours before going to bed for another day—the Fisherman go his theater room to watch his movies and I to my gypsy room where I have my own TV too.  

We get home around 6pm, dark and cold and after making something for dinner we go straight to or ‘second’ home—the upstairs part of the house.  We've been sleeping in the guest room throughout all winter, which I love... it is a cozy little room, and I love it...

...but the bed in this room is a queen size and I don't know if you've noticed, but when you grow older and 'wiser' you have to have your king side bed.  So, last weekend, we decided to make another bedroom in our upstairs home... this one with a king size bed in it!  Thus, my little gypsy room became another bedroom… we bought a king size mattress, a bed frame and went to work.  Remember my beautiful gallery wall and Frida collection? 

We took everything down, filled every hole and retouched the walls with paint... we took the couch and chair downstairs and rearrange things around to give space to our new king size bed!

A boho styled low bed, a mandala for a frame, some of the art set on floors and just a few favorites on the walls..


Plants, of course.  I really want to bring some of the big ones from downstairs, but then I will miss them downstairs, so I guess I'll need to buy more...

I really love how everything turned out.  This bedroom is now my favorite room in the entire house.. it is so cozy and the bed so very comfortable and I love to watch tv from this nest, and then wait for the Fisherman to join... 

 Need more fairy lights for sure

Happy winter nights!


  1. So is this now going to be your permanent master bedroom? Is your original master bedroom on the first level?

    I love all your plants and the fairy cozy.

    1. For now it is... during our long winter nights this feels so cozy!;)

      Our master is downstairs... super big room with tall ceilings... I prefer the cozy little room... ;)



  2. Nossa, ficou muito bom! Realmente, quando ficamos mais velhas queremos mais espaço! Para mim não foi a cama e, sim o quarto... mudei para um maior... e, onde você colocou as suas Fridas?