Saturday, January 6, 2018

The gypsy room

I haven’t seen the sun in days.  Another snowstorm is on its way as I write.  Inside my little heart-house, is the same.  Gloom hovers above my dark hours, but the story tells that the darkest hour is often just before the dawn, so we should always be people of hope and prayer, not gloom and defeatism. And so, it will be.

Dad left yesterday.  The Fisherman spared me from having to take him back home and accompanied  him, while I remained in the comfort and safety of our home.  I have a hard time flying in winter with all the commotions going on at airports, so I’m so thankful to him for doing that.  The house feels empty and sad, and there’s a little sad music playing inside my soul.  To calm down those voices, I got busy yesterday cleaning bathrooms and windows, vacuuming floors, washing bed sheets and so on… then, as it always happens to me when I engage in physical activity, I felt something growing inside me—the force of life, the desire to create to hide to become me… 

Until the gypsy girl came out—as wild and colorful and crazy as always… and with her, also came my newest room in the house.  My gypsy room!

It is crazy in here, and flamboyant and fun, all the colors of the rainbow have gathered here in crazy, asymmetrical shades, nothing matches, everything is unequal and unrelated and matchy matchy styles has gone out the window.  The bohemian has gone overboard.  kings and queens, gypsies and old artists reside here too, and I love them all. 

The geranium plant is doing splendidly by this western window, when late in the afternoon the sun shines the strongest here.  I will be bringing in more plants here too, more books more gypsy skirts and shawls and one day I might even move here for good ;)   


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  1. It was very loving of your husband, to accompany your father back to FL.

    And as I said elsewhere, I felt you would now, be more able, to heal yourself.

    And I was right!!!!!

    You allowed your Gypsy Girl to surface! You allowed her spirit to thrive. And to pull your spirit up... Up... Up.... Into the light of life! Out of the depths of death and sadness...

    I am so happy! For you. For your husband. For your family. They need to have you back. They do. And 'you' need to have 'you' back, too. Your spirit is not meant to be shacked. It is meant to soar.

    Perhaps, it will still not be a continuous upward journey. But that is fine too. The journey has begun! Your husband will be so happy, when he returns!

    Many gentle hugs, on your way, back up, to Life...

  2. I am so sorry to hear about your mother's passing. I was so happy to see these pictures...these are the ones I have always loved in the past on your blog. I love the beautiful colors and it always uplifts and inspires me. I don't post to you much but I do read your blog pretty regularly and have for a long time. Take care friend.

  3. What a fun room to express whatever color or texture catches your fancy. A wonderful place to retreat to when there is no sun...create some of your own with all the sparkles, shimmers, and glitters in this room. Lovely! Crushing on the teal & red tapestry on the couch.

  4. Bright, beautiful and so cheerful! So happy you found something to make you smile. I am glad your hubby was able to take your Dad back and you were able to stay home and create a new space. It is o.k. to be sad, but maybe this new room will cheer you up when you are feeling down.

  5. love the gypsy room, how very pretty and feels super homey to me.
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  6. A Gypsy Girl room. Very unique!!!

  7. Loving the boho theme! It is wonderful.