Monday, June 11, 2018

Home and garden

The garden is doing marvelous after that pruning of the other day... everything looks and feels so fresh and new!  The roses, or the few roses that I now have are also doing splendidly, considering they have been so neglected and doing so poorly for years.    

My little paradise is not disappointing me... it gets prettier and prettier each day.  Yesterday, we went to the annual garden tour our city sponsors every year, and I’d have to say that my little urban garden proves somewhat deficient, compared to some of the gardens we saw at those houses at the top of the mountains with the amazing view, but this is my haven, my refuge and the place I want to be from all places.   

And what can I say about my newly painted home!  I love it... I just love it!

I love the colors I ended up choosing for the exterior painting of our home.  All from Benjamin Moore, but because most, if not all of our local painters use Sherwin Williams, the colors had to be matched… but here are the names, in case you want to know:

Main body of the house:  Benjamin Moore HC-168 Chelsea Gray
Top accent walls:  Benjamin Moore 2121-10 Wrought iron
Trims, columns and garage door:  Benjamin Moore AF-5 Frostine White
Front door:  Benjamin Moore 2155-30 Yellow Marigold

The old settee that I have been moving with me from house to house to house is still here… now spray-painted in glossy black, with new patterned cushions in black and white.  All from Walmart.  Remember what it looked like back then at the little white cottage?

I love black and white patterned everything… it gives a room that classy look!

The small yellow/red pillows I had forever.  They had been in my gypsy caravan for years, and then last week when we went camping and found them I immediately thought of my front porch, and how well they would look with the black and white cushions and front yellow door.  So they are here now! This combo is perfection to me!

My newly painted succulent pot is looking lovely sitting outside too.  I’d prefer some type of annual flowers here, like petunias, but for now, this is it.   And my little marigold yellow table... I'm loving it!

The same old lantern I had sitting in the porch at our little white cottage!  Now on another thrift store 'new' to me table.  

The entrance is the first thing people see when they come by, so why not make your home stand out from the rest!  I'm loving mine!  I also love indigo, orange, chartreuse.  I almost chose orange, but felt in love with this deep yellow!  And guess what?  I went to the Internet the other day to find out what the color of our front door means, and I found the most interesting article  about front door colors and their meaning.  This is what it says about a yellow door: “While it ups your curb appeal, a yellow door also says you’re logical while also creative. Like the color, you have a positive attitude and may even be a morning person!”.  So utterly true! 😉

One of the fastest ways to amp up curb appeal is by painting your front door a fun and bright color.  If you haven’t done it yet, try it!  It’ll not only alter the feel and look of your house, but it will also upgrade it!

The entrance to the garden looking marvelous against the freshly painted house... I love how the new paint showcases all the beautiful garden colors with a lovely background. All the colors, forms and texture seem to be more visible, lovelier, and grand!

The back of the house...

Thank you for all your comments and thoughts.  Thank you for your good wishes and blessings and I hope I can be of a blessing to you too in whatever form or way I can through this little blog and this little life of mine... be happy, be blessed, be spontaneous and dance a little by the shady of the trees in your backyard... when nobody is looking!  I love you!


  1. Pruning is magic!!!! :-)

    Sometimes it seems scary. But it shouldn't be!

    Your garden is perfect. It is what you want. So no other garden, can be perfect, for you. The others are fun to look at. That's all.

    Your house is perfect also! Perfect for you, yes. But it's just plain perfect! Of course, I adore gray and white. Adore it, on a house. Ours has brick front downstairs, so just white upstairs, with black shutters, works.

    Due to all your hard work, your home and garden are so very lovely. Really, if you ever wanted to work, you could do garden planning, or interior planning, or exterior planning. You have an inborn "eye," for such.

    Happy... Happy....

  2. Cielo: Everything looks lovely!! I love your backyard! The curving borders are so nice and the pergola is a great architectural addition. I hope your beautiful new paint job and all the plants coming back to life are truly bringing you some cheer amid all the very different recent events. Blessings!

  3. How lovely your house and garden look. I likeve the colours you have chosen for you house and the roses are beautiful:)

  4. Every professional house painter I know, uses Sherwin Williams. Maybe the company gives them a discount.

  5. Your home and gardens are so beautiful!

  6. Que bonito tu jardin Cielo te esta agradeciendo todo el esfuerzo que has heho en el me encata tu puerta atrevida pero divina y el color de tu casa perfeto ahora a disfrutar del verano en ella sentada en ese bello sofa quedo perfecto con el color negro desde que descubri tu blog estoy enganchada a el me encanta como cuentas las cosas besos desde España

    1. Pilar, que encanto! Gracias por llegarte hasta esta parte del mundo, y dejarme compartir mi vida contigo! Es un placer!

      Te mando un gran abrazo


  7. Haven't been here for a while so poorly but managed our DECKING which husband painted
    Did pruning of JAPONICA and lots more also lifted boxes for thrift shops here in uk
    Now fibromyalgia Costa CHRONDRITIS
    Totally flared up
    Own fault but I so loved gardening
    We have had our hottest spring mostly 32c last year wet wet
    Also have purchased new chaise lounge in emerald green got £100 cheaper at different store also taking our £40 thrift one away for us . also Going through China cabinet things girls don't want
    Given to autistic society
    As can't be bothered to advertise
    A lot about me Cielo sorry
    Blessings Dear one keep SAfe and happy

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