Sunday, January 5, 2020


I have never liked January.  

Never liked a day without sun...

Never have I ever been fond of winter, or winter activities, cold days, windy days and thick coats that make you feel fat and uncomfortable.  If I ever did enjoyed winter, it would have to be those mild winters when we lived in the south where winters where always a welcoming blessing in every aspect of the word.  Always sunny by mid-day and beautiful perfect days by the end of February.  Short and pretty...

Here, my experience had always been a January of bad colds and the flu, it had been food poisoning and strep throat, pink eye, irritated eyes, dry eye, a cough that won’t stop, wheezing, fatigue, and chest tightness, chest congestion, earache, and headaches.  I don’t…. I just don’t like January at all.  Simply put, January depresses me.  It always had.  So after three weeks of not feeling well, I’m slowly starting to lift up my head out of the pit again… I think.  So this morning I cleaned and redecorated the upstairs room and bathroom, where both, the Fisherman and I have been living and nursing our miseries for the past few miserable nights…  

It feels so good to see this room sanitized and fresh again.  I even decorated this corner here a little different this time!  As you can see, my soul is craving green green... with all this amount of white going on outside...

My little jungle corner in the kitchen area, where most of my plants live got cleaned up a bit too.  When you have so many plants together in one place, they can make such a leafy mess… dried petals, stems, leaves, even water stains get to paint floors and accumulate behind pots and furniture… so it was about time…  

This little panda planter here is my newest favorite.  I so love him!

Hair is growing on her head!

 and this table got an eye leveled display

I love sitting here and read or watch the birds outside the window, or just drink my coffee here...

Then this evening…. Things got worse again.  Another episode of cough got the best or worse of me and I was afflicted by the most horrible headache I have ever experienced. I kept pacing back and forth in my kitchen holding my head in my hands, until it finally subsided a bit… I guess it had something to do with all the congestion going on in my poor body that, somehow went up to my head, and not that a vein had exploded in my head, as I thought then.  Whatever it was, it was pretty scary.  Yeah, January, boo you stink!


  1. Oh no.. your January's don't sound too good..
    I wouldn't say I love winter but I do love a good snow or two.. we enjoying skiing.
    Hope you feel better soon and have some better January's in the future.

  2. Just think, January is almost over. Feel better soon. We have had such a mile winter, I was sitting here being envious of your snow.

  3. Thankfully, January will end soon and before you know it, the renewal of springtime will be upon us. Best wishes that you and the Fisherman are fully restored.