Saturday, September 5, 2020

This and that

Monday, August 17—summer is over.  I know it is.  This realization came most unexpectedly upon me this very morning the moment I came down from our upstairs bedroom and stepped into our kitchen... from outside those windows, the darkest night was peeking through.  I looked at it and she looked at me and I couldn’t believe how sudden and how unexpected the seasons had started changing. 

Earth has rotated, the clock has moved and by 6:30am it is still as dark as dark can be.  When did that happened?  I mean, this change?  

Right until yesterday we used to wake up by the power of daylight.  Light shining through our morning.  Light peeking through windows and openings.  But that’s not anymore. 


Sept 5

How many days and weeks have passed since I last wrote. Days go by like water escapes through our fingers, and here we are standing at the brink of yet another ending. 

I have pruned again and again...  once, twice, or three more times; this time, not caring where I cut or what I took out or pulled out for good... like the phlox and the lilies.  

Is it alright to take things out of the garden without the feel of guilt hanging from your thoughts?  It is, and I’m done with much of it.  The heat this year has been beyond believe, as never before, and with me working full time outside our home there’s absolutely no desire whatsoever to deal with the pests and infestation that has come down this year over my precious garden.  So, I didn't feel bad about having removed and pulled things out for good. 

I’m trying to do the same inside the house.  These days of retrospection have made me want to simplify my life; simplify my home and so I just closed my eyes to the unnecessary in life and have given away things I'd had never done before.

I should had sold a few of these things I gave away, but selling bring its own stress, and thus I rather give than sell.  

I have cleaned my closet deeply; which means I have gotten rid of most of my shoes; particularly high heels that I know I won't use nor want to use again, as well as purses and bags and jewelry...  Even if I still love these things, I’m done with them.  So out of my closet and my life they went.

I gave away a lot of those little things I used to love years ago; the things you acquire and accumulate through the years just because you had a blog and needed to post pretty things all the time or because you saw something you like on someone’s else’s blog and you needed to have it too or make it or whatever it was...  I’m done with all of that... done with the accumulation of unnecessary things.

I want to leave light, walk in the light and have my house free of a lot of things I won’t use again or don’t want to use again.  And thus, yes, my friends, age changes you, life changes and it changes you—at least it does it to me...  and my thoughts and my desires are on another level these days. 

If I should find pleasure with anything these days it would have to be my plants... they are my pastime and my therapy.  They make me so happy and they give our home such vibe...

They are living things, they respire, move, and respond to stimuli and they give me something to love and do from the conform of my home.

Remember my cute little candlelight lamp?

I decided to paint it white...

Take care my friend...

Be safe

Keep your faith alive!


  1. Your plants are beautiful. I can see why they bring you peace and contentment. I have been getting rid of stuff, too. It feels good to have less. Many blessings to you.

  2. Last year I cleaned out--closets, drawers, kitchen cabinets, shelves. Critically looking at each item and determining if I needed it or would ever use it again.
    My granddaughter was the recipient of a very expensive Kitchen Aide mixer, an electric griddle, a 4 slice toaster and a large Crock Pot. Baking pans were discarded--I don't bake anymore, I don't need a 4 slice toaster. I did keep one 9x12" backing pan, just in case one of my kids wants me to make Mississippi Mud Brownies. That's it. I gave my sister things that had been our Mother's or Grandma's--let her clean the dust off the antiques. Suddenly, my wee home started feeling fresher, like there was more air to breathe. No "Stuff" on tables, shelves, dresser, etc. Simple curtains went up and down came the heavy drapes. I have large windows and there is more light coming in. I can see more of the outside. I still have some pieces that are precious to me, but I do like the minimalistic atmosphere so much better than all the frou-frou.

  3. My life has really been riddled with things for the past 66 years! I am 66. lol... I am so desperately tired of dealing with things... cleaning them. loving them, hating them. storing them, purging... selling, donating, repurposing, grieving over keepsakes that remind me of someone, feeling anger over things that were stolen or vandalized... trying to think of things to give for holidays... whew! big sigh... Things actually consume us--- not the other way around.