Friday, May 28, 2021


Spring is finally creating a new world in the garden—scents, colors, textures; all are appearing; gratifying my life again with enchantment and dreams.

It’s been a long cold spring, if we can call it ‘spring’, for temperatures have been in the 40’s  every morning and every evening, feeling more like a mild winter around here than an actual spring.  And yet, the garden knows its seasons, and although slow in waking up, it has started to awaken.

The only roses I have thus far is the early and sickly-sweet Dr. Huey—always the first ones to appear, always the first ones succumb under the power of mildew.  

Dr. Jekyll would have been a better name for this rose that at one point was something else.  But how beautiful they are!  With their arching long branches with a heavy load of dark red blooms. 

These would not bloom again.  This is it for another year!  But I love the versatility of their green canes, with which I can cover walls and bare spaces.

Then, by the big fountain in the middle of the garden, another little area had started to surface.  For I have removed that other ‘good for nothing’ Dr. Huey rose that’s been there for years, giving me nothing but headaches.

Thus far I haven’t planted anything in its place, because I like the look of the wispy ferns that are growing everywhere and filing emptied spaces with their gracious fairy fronds. 

I didn’t know this ferns can grow to such heights, but they do, and what a surprise they’ve been to me this year, with their tall beauty embellishing my garden.  It took them a few years to reach this height, but I now want them everywhere, and have been transplanting them everywhere too; particularly around mom’s garden and the pebble path on the entrance of the garden.

One of the best thing about this fern is the easy way they have for multiplying.  They grow themselves in places you least expected it and are easy to transplant.

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