Tuesday, February 13, 2018

The Budding of Aaron’s Staff

I need to be surrounded by Nature.  My spirit and soul crave it.  One of the most natural thing to me, is finding God in Nature… in the songs of birds and the tickling of water, in tall trees and soft grasses, I always find Him there…  I call upon the beauty of these things to praise Him, and this simple meditation on Nature reminds me of Divine Power, and the wisdom and goodness that exist in Him. 

I have a hard time achieving this through any other medium.  Even when at church is hard for me to truly find God.  Nature is my church and my safe haven.  I didn’t have any problem attaining this when we lived in our little white cottage.  The woods skirting the gardens were the walls of my holy sanctuary, roses and crepe myrtles the pews and kneelers, and birds were my fellow worshipers.  But in these parts of my little world, things are much different.  

Winters are harsh and long, and Nature goes dormant for a very long period of time.  Birds and feral cats are nowhere to be found, and on top of that, we’re surrounded by huge two-story houses on all four corners.  That’s why many years ago, I created this little ecosystem of a rose garden.  But the garden has been unloved and unkept for so long, that now is not even worth of calling it ‘a garden’ any more…

It’s been a cruel January and February for me.  My little heart has been broken by the pain brought by death. Days and weeks are long and there are days when loneliness sets on my spirit like spiderwebs.  The worse is, not being able to feel God’s nearness.  He seems so far away… even in my worse days, when He’s supposed to be closer to me than ever, I cannot seem to find Him.  

So, I’ve been talking to Him anyway… asking Him to show me, to give me a sign that can assured me of His presence in my life…  

…and I go and sit outside in the very early hours of morning, when it is cold and the only noise you can hear is the distant roar of cars, waiting to find ‘this miracle’ somewhere in the meager winter garden… I’d go out at noon too, and at sundown when the world’s lights turn dimmed and the earth becomes quieted again.  And I’ve been telling Him something that He already knows… “I need you”.  I need to reconnect, to talk, walk with You.  Find You.  But He doesn’t speak.  Not even a bird would come by to assure me that God is ever so near.  Not a single leaf, nor a flower.

Then, while cleaning the garden the other day I discovered something I was sure it was that little miracle I was expecting from God… oh I was thrilled, exploding with contentment! Ah yes, the ground was teeming with Hosta’s heads… precious, green little curly heads breaking the ground in places where I’d never imagined they would be!  And who had planted them?  Not me.  And certainly not the woman-renter who had ruined my garden.  I wanted to believe then, that this ‘hostas’ were the very proof of God’s nearness; the sign I was asking Him for… but boy, was I bound for a disappointment. 

You see, these were not hostas.  They were just the old ordinary tulips I had planted years ago and had forgotten all about.  You can imagine how I felt… disheartened.  Naïve.  Now I was convinced that God didn’t care.  But you see, our thoughts are not his thoughts, neither are our ways his ways…. and it wasn’t precisely in the garden where God wanted to show me that, indeed, He is very near… It was inside my very own house instead!

I couldn’t believe my eyes the moment I entered this room the other day to find this…

Yes, that dead, half of a lilac tree with no roots whatsoever I had brought in to use as decoration has flourished… and it had not only sprouted, but it had budded, and blossomed!  Just like Aaron’s staff…

I cannot explain how could this had happened, other than it was the Creator, giver of life Himself. For how could some dead branches, out of season, with no roots whatsoever, and not a single drop of water would flourish like that… and in such short time too!  This just escapes my imagination… 
God never ceases to amaze me… oh, He is indeed ever so near!  His thoughts are not our thoughts, neither are our ways his ways….

Clearly, it is God’s desire and plan to establish a relationship between human beings and Himself.  If only we desire it.  He created us so we can have a special Father-child relationship with Him.


  1. Wow that is amazing! Truly. What a welcome blessing. So happy for you!

  2. That is wonderful... Talk about a sign!!! Hugs!

  3. How beautiful...Oh yes, He cares... much more than we can imagine.
    Warm greetings,
    Rita :)

  4. God never leaves us. It is always us who move away. How wonderful it is when we get back closer to Him and then the coincidences we see, which aren't really coincidences but God Whispers, signs and promises.

  5. Cielo,
    I wish I lived close to you. I would come over EVERY-SINGLE-DAY and we would plant a new paradise for you in your neglected beautiful rose haven, together. I am happy that you have received a sign from God. All will be well. Spring will come again. The birds will come. I share your passion for Nature and the beauty and Solace that we receive from our gardens. Much love, Sandy

    1. Oh, that would be sooo nice... and so sweet of you! it touches my heart just to think of it... getting this garden back in shape with the help of good, dear people... thank YOU Sandy! What a dream! Thank you!


  6. God moves in a mysterious way
    His wonders to perform;
    He plants His footsteps in the sea
    and rides upon the storm.

    --William Cowper

  7. Wow! In the early 1970's I would bring in small leafless lilac branches to hang Easter eggs on. Sometimes when I was ready to toss them out I would find tiny leaves starting to open. But NOTHING like you found - full leaves, then buds then beautiful flowers. Cielo, our heavenly Father loves you so much. Spring will come again and your heart will find its peace again. Grieving for your precious Mother has contributed to this hard winter. Looks for more signs - they are there!

    1. How beautiful, how very beautiful! My heart has been lifted up by your love... thank you, and may our Heavenly Father double the blessings in your life...


  8. Amazing post, Cielo. I love the "anonymous" comment above too. Such beautiful sentiments. I know I can't rely on my "feelings" when it comes to God (or my husband, lol!) The love is always there even when we are at our lowest. Then it is suddenly revealed once again. Blessings. xxx