Saturday, November 30, 2019

The secret on the stone revealed

“Ah, dearest Lissy”, said grandma when Lissy told her all about the strange stone she’d found in the garden.  “A garden can keep a great many deal of secrets in it.  And the greatest of all, is this:  Creation, including all the beautiful things you find in a garden, is an expression of God's goodness.  His mercy towards us served as an approach to creation.

“Come, on!”, said gramma suddenly, “let us walk back to the garden, shall we!  There is something else I want you to see there”.

Lissy, glowed with enthusiasm at the thought of a new adventure and the prospect of finding new exciting things in gramma’s magical garden.  And truly, something amazing was about to happen indeed!   

The sun was setting down over the horizon by the time Lissy and gramma reached the farthest part of the garden where large weeping trees grew and vines climbed and twisted around their trunks like fat snakes.  

Lazy shadows stretched themselves across the grass and came to rest above the drooping branches of the weeping trees like dark umbrellas.  It felt so peaceful and quiet in this shady corner of the garden.  A blackbird stood perched on a nearby branch. Lissy had this curious idea that the bird was watching them.

Lissy followed gramma through a sheltered path among the weeping trees to a little bench hidden among the shrubbery, where they both sat down.  Past the weeping tress and the little bench, and past the picket fence which delimited the garden from private lands stood the open fields of barley and red clover with its expanse of red blooms stretching away into vastness.  Lissy had never been to this part of the garden, and it was beautiful, and it felt wonderfully secluded and cozy.  

“See the sun setting over there?”—said gramma pointed a finger towards where a giant orange marble of a sun was painting the sky in cerulean blues and baby pinks.  Long, long ago, in the beginning of all things, our earth didn’t have a sun”—continued on saying gramma.  “In fact, the earth didn’t have any shape at all.  It was empty and an unfathomable darkness covered the deep waters.  

You did not exist. Neither your parents, brothers or sisters. There was absolutely nothing, or anyone alive. Only the Spirit of God, like a mighty bird, hovered over the surface of the waters and above the darkness that covered everything. 

“Then”, said gramma picking up a certain song in her voice, “that’s when God stretched out his sight all the way through time, up until your time, and saw you. 

Lissy jumped on her sit at that. Her eyes widened with excitement. 

“He did?”  She exclaimed!

“He certainly did!”, said gramma, “and He loved you so much right there and then, that He decided to create an entire new world just for you.  A beautiful place He knew you’d love and be happy in, and where He could live close to you eternally.  

“The Bible teaches us that God saw us even before He created the world. That is why He told us through his prophet Jeremiah, “I have loved you with an everlasting love; I have drawn you with unfailing kindness” (Jeremiah 31: 3).

“It was this mercy towards the still non-existent generations what motivated God to create the universe. God's love for us will never be exhausted. There has not been a time, nor will ever be in all eternity in which God would stops loving us.

Everything God does is motivated by his eternal love for us, a love that is perpetual, endless and eternal”.

This is the continuation of a story I started HERE, in case you want to read it again.


  1. What a beautiful story of creation. You should publish it in book form. xo Diana

  2. I love this Gramma's story. It is the most magnificent of all time.