Saturday, January 12, 2019

My gypsy jewelry and the magic in us

Necklaces and pendants, bracelets, anklets, rings, earrings and birthstone jewelry...  

I love them all!

I call this amalgamation of trinkets and charms my “gypsy jewelry”, simply because they’re cheap and because they possess no other value than the value my own body and personality bequeath them every time I wear them.

If they jingle the way they jingle, or if they move or dance or change color this way or that other way, it is totally because of me, and the magic that flows from me, and not because of the jewel in itself; it is because of how I embody my femininity or how I move and take and conduct my life… so they’re like a magical bunch only I could give it life… and so is with you, and you and everyone of us.  Nobody is like us, everyone is unique and we all posses our own king of magic...

Each individual is unique because there is nobody else like him. Comparison would have been right if we all were alike; but we’re not.  Even twins are not absolutely alike; it is impossible to find another soul who is exactly like you.  Thus, no jewel no pair of shoes no dress or skirt or hair style are always going to look the same on everyone; not even the food we make taste the same, even when everything is the same.  Isn’t that such an amazing thought!

Do you like shiny, sparkly, glittery things?   I do! I love all sorts of girly blings and sparkly things...  but jewelry isn't just good for dressing up an outfit, you know... it can also serve for dressing up a bedroom, or a bathroom, like I do around my house!

I like to display my gypsy jewelry in unusual and unconventional creative ways. Like stacked on a broken old lamp found in a dumpster!

Or placed together on a vintage plate, or hanging from a tarnished teapot or an old vintage cup...

Add some lace and silk roses to your vignette and in an instant you'd had created a lovely spot that will bring much happiness to your heart.  Little things, small things, unimportant and inexpensive things are always the best to me!

Be happy, be cheerful, be you!  Nobody is exactly like you, so go out into the world and bewitch them all with your uniqueness and own special magic!

Hasta pronto!


  1. I love jewelry too and need to put them out like you. Will be decorating our bedroom this year and you have given me an idea for my dresser. Thank You.

  2. I love how you have displayed the pieces as your personal treasures. I agree-jewelry is just an inanimate piece of "stuff' until it becomes part of the wearer. Have a blessed Sunday- xo Diana

  3. Me encanta la bisutería y me encanta llevarla el color de estas piezas me dan vida