Wednesday, November 6, 2019

A favor

Dear friends, I am working on a little project (or a big project)—a new book I’m writing for children. I am merely on its beginning, and at the moment can’t really decide whether if I should continue on writing or maybe forget about this little dream of mine?  I would love if you could give me your opinion.  Like it thus far?  No like it?  Any idea, changes, suggestions, etc.?  Please read if you may, and won’t you help me see the reality?  Just be sincere and let me know what you think.


Lissy Periwinkle thought the world was a boring place. Although, of course, that you’d had never imagine it. She had so many toys to play with! Her room was the perfect place to dream and be.

Teapots, sugar bowls, creamers, cups, saucers, spoons, dessert plates and beautiful porcelain tea sets with pink floral blossoms were nicely stacked on cute little wooden tables, ready to be used at fancy tea parties. Some of the doll houses had hidden panels that lead into secret floors where French doors opened onto elegant terraces, and if you liked building blocks, dozens of pieces filled one corner of her room, while books, colorful unicorns and mermaids in gold accents and seashells whose hair glowed in the dark gathered nicely in bookshelves and stands.

Everywhere you’d looked you could find a furry friend with soft fur like the real breeds—bears, and lions, foxes and tigers that sounded and felt just like the real thing. And if of dolls it was, the collection was impressive!

There were antique German dolls and dolls with curly dark hair and lovely blue glass eyes that looked so real you would almost think they were real babies. Others, had cute little noses and chubby cheeks of bisque. They were all dressed in cute little silk dresses and ribbons and ruffled lacy pantaloons, and I’m almost certain that one of your favorites would had been an old bisque doll in a teal green velvet bonnet with dark red feathery hair in a fancy lace dress. But, alas, as for Lissy goes, she didn't find anything special in any of it.

The only thing which really excited Lissy Periwinkle, was visiting her grandma's magical garden. Because, magical it was!

Now, I can almost hear you saying ‘what’s of magical in a garden?’

Ah my dears, let me tell you—Lissy’s grandma had a magical garden indeed!

It was wide and open, sloping gently down to a pond were secretive, heron-like wading birds with stout bodies and necks would be found feeding at it at any time. A grove of cypress pines flanked the garden on one side, with a thicket of peaceful beeches standing guard on the other. Peach trees and fig trees run through the center of the garden casting soft shadows onto tall green grasses. And on those beautiful October days, you’d had thought the ground was on fired, from the fiery glow of the autumn fire sedum.

Past the pond stood the tall Shasta daisies—its feet carpeted in red marigolds and carnations that seemed to shine and sparkle when kissed by the last light of the day. Fragrant roses in an exotic assortment of colors were there to calm the spirit and entice the senses of whoever entered the garden, and if you had paid enough attention, I’m sure you’d had found a rabbit, or two, or three sniffing the grass in search of food.

One day, a cute little fox was found peacefully resting on a carpet of little white flowers, and from the same nearby grove of Japanese privet that housed rabbits and blue jays, also came the cats. Cats that roamed and wandered the garden as freely as birds.

Little Lissy Periwinkle had this idea that the feral cats were magical animals. Surely, they knew of some secret hideout among the yellow hibiscus bushes, or perhaps a magical doorway somewhere under the blackberries and raspberry bushes. For they would always, always, disappeared amid their leaves when closed by.

Deer would come by looking for the red clover, the chicory and orchard grass to feed from. They also liked the nutritious nuts that came from the chestnuts and acorns and, in return for food, they would sometimes leave behind little gift such as strange little objects and interesting shinny things.

After spring broke the loneliness of the winter garden, daffodils busted from the ground almost overnight, and the garden, drenched again in golden sun housed myriads of birds that soon claimed the garden as their home, as light vanished tired old shadows and made the earth steam.

Now, you tell me if this is not magical!

One day on a beautiful September afternoon, Lissy Periwinkle was strolling gramma’s garden when all of sudden she got a glimpse of something shinning among the giant leaves of the Emperor hostas. Whatever it was, it twinkled and it glimmered with an especially beautiful glow. A fallen star?

Slowly, trying not to disturb the large leafy glory of the plants, Lissy parted the leaves of the hostas, and reached down to grab the star.

Of course, it wasn’t a star as she had thought. But what was it?

The object on Lissy’s hand gleamed and threw little speaks of light everywhere. Lissy run a finger along the surface of the object. It was smooth like a polished stone! In fact, it was a stone! A stone that flickered and shine just like a real jewel would do when touched by a ray of sun!

That’s when Lissy noticed it. Engraved on the smooth surface of the stone there was something written. A message. What did it say?

Lissy brought the stone closer to her face: "I have loved you with an everlasting love; I have drawn you with unfailing kindness”. That’s what the message said.

The leaves of the trees rustled ever so mournful. The wind was trying to whisper something to Lissy, but she couldn’t make out what it was, and so it made her want to know more about that mysterious message.

Lissy couldn’t decipher the secret on the stone, or what that strange message meant, but she certainly knew someone who could. And thus, she hurried back home to find gramma.

As she headed back, breezes caused the leaves of the poplar trees to tremble. There was a song in the air. Lissy heard it singing through the trees almost in a whisper. It seems to be saying: “Praise the Lord, for he is good, for his mercy endures forever”.

Without a doubt, Grandma's garden it truly was an enchanted place!


  1. I love it keep writing! Grandmothers garden is a magical place for sure.

    1. Cindee.. thank you for your opinion/comment. Guess I can't even get readers to comment here so imagine reading my book! lol