Saturday, November 14, 2020

Autumn roses

Winter has definitely settled among the autumnal leaves scattered in the garden.  I’ve been sitting outside warming my soul by the fire, and I should give you a tour of the quieted winter garden, for the merry season of the year has born... like the bright berries on the cherry tree.  

And I will... I will show you around soon, but the last glories of this past fall—October, are forcing me to show you how the garden looked just a few weeks ago.

It looked like the world was covered in a cobbler crust of brown sugar and cinnamon. 

Then... there are the last roses of the year.  Hanging from their branches like tissue paper roses right before the petals drop.

They truly do become art specimens... like the jewels on a woman on a vintage painting...

I do love fresh roses.... but I truly think that when they dry on the bush, they acquire a special type of beautify that it is almost magical...

I love the peaceful of the garden this time of the year, love dried roses still hanging on green leaves, the mist of mornings and the golden light of late afternoons... I love October and love loving it all!

I hope you all are doing good... be happy be close to the real source of happiness!

God bless!




  1. I love roses like that, too... what arrested beauty in things that stop in their tracks to cling to the true vine... Are you doing okay through the maze of flu and changes? We shelter in place, just my son, my cat, and I... It is good to see your beautiful October garden... Spring is sleeping right there beside you, dear friend. Take care.

  2. Doing good my friend.. it is so good to hear that you and yours are doing good. Sending a lot of love and blessings your way love you!